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Spring 2020

Life in color,

inspired by the work of modern masters

Ellsworth Kelly, Markk Rothko and Whanki Kim.

Familiar shapes from past seasons are reexamined through a color-block details.

photograph  :  Jisun So

0216 피노아친퀘 034.jpg
0216 피노아친퀘 099_work.jpg
0216 피노아친퀘 122_work.jpg
0216 피노아친퀘 119_work.jpg
0216 피노아친퀘 027 work.jpg
0216 피노아친퀘 010.jpg
0216 피노아친퀘 153_work.jpg
0216 피노아친퀘 160_work.jpg
round mule_black2.jpg
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